the smokin' gem bracelet
the smokin' gem bracelet
the smokin' gem bracelet

the smokin' gem bracelet

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the smokin' gem bracelet~

    • natural stone stretch bracelet
      • smoky quartz
      • dyed crystal quartz
      • dyed magnesite
      • antique gold plated hematite
        • all stones are unique in design and color
    • bracelet measures 7"
    • gold plated sterling silver centerpiece
    • brass accents

smoky quartz - is known to assist with improving overall well-being, stability and grounding.

crystal quartz - a master of energy power stone that harmonizes and balances. it enhances spiritual growth, awareness and wisdom.  it inspires creativity and can also help with concentration and retaining what one learns.  brings harmony to relationships.

magnesite - is relaxing and calming for meditation.  a powerful stone for creative visualization and imagination.

hematite - is a grounding stone, absorbs negative energy and calms in times of stress.  it helps to increase positive energy and diminish worry.